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KIRAY Machinery

It is an establishment that produces auxiliary equipment and technology for the textile sector with its 20 years of knowledge. It has been serving as a solution partner to local and foreign manufacturers and textile factories for years. Under the name of “Teknik Otomasyon”, it started its activities in 2011 by manufacturing PLC controlled automation panels and by designing and producing “Edge Cutting” Units for other machine manufacturers.

Our company has been based on many years of experience in infrastructure and technician with several companies, including Thrace mainly electromechanical and mechatronic solution partner in developing solutions in Turkey.

As of 2013, under Teknik Otomasyon brand;

• Edge Cutting Units,

• Opening Units,

• It started to meet the needs of the sector by producing Top Glazing Unitss.

As of 2016, Kıray Makina San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. The following products as “continuous improvement” (Kaizen), taking the band production with the help and dedication in Turkey and hardware sector in Europe continues to serve confidently by providing technology support.



To be a company that provides the satisfaction of its employees, supplier companies and customers at the highest level, and produces efficiency by combining its experience and knowledge with new technologies. To be a company that produces innovative and high quality works by giving importance to people, environment and cultural values, in the light of reason and science, and “leaving permanent works that will set an example for future generations”.



Starting from this basis, the units in the textile finishing machinery and accessories, also in automation and control systems, making production with national resources and original ideas, work with all our might to become one of the first known company in Turkey.

Young students of electronics working on project together
Young students of electronics working on project together

KIRAY Makina has many years of experience in the textile industry. The quality of its production and the efficiency of its products aroused interest abroad.

Production Quality

High efficiency & Superior quality target

KIRAY Makina promotional video.

Our Quality Policy

Our company follows scientific and technological developments and maintains its understanding of quality service and production by using locally and internationally accepted up-to-date standard methods. It undertakes to comply with the financial, technological and human resources required to provide quality service, to comply with the requirements of QMS standards and to continuously improve its effectiveness.


KIRAY Makina brings together innovative technology and quality under one roof. It provides permanent solutions by analyzing the needs of its customers correctly. All parts and software on the production line are produced entirely with domestic facilities. We aim to keep our quality at the highest level thanks to stable control and production development processes at all stages.

Send us your questions and we’ll give you the help you need.

Our focus is quality and efficiency. Naturally, these values provide satisfactory returns from our customers.

The formation of KIRAY MAKİNA as an institution was realized at the end of a challenging and refined process. The most important factor of steady progress step by step lies in its commitment to the path and principles it has determined!

A person can be successful by doing the job he loves, bringing spiritual and material prosperity to his family. But if he can make other people like this job and make him proud, then he can distribute prosperity not to one household but to thousands of households.